So you have working in a FinTech startup, and you are all set to get started knocking on the doors on most of the banks in Singapore to receive your first clients.

But if you are looking for an office space to work from, the CBD is your very best option. Primarily, being at the CBD places you in close proximity to many banks, which means that you won’t need to travel much for your own meetings.

In addition to this, acquiring a CBD address in your title card also offers you an excess layer of validity, which can be tremendously important whether you are expecting to score some high dogs as your clients.

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In this blog article, we discuss five CBD rental spaces that are ideal for FinTech startups. Keep Reading to Learn More!

#1: This device in 80 Robinson Road

District: D01
Size: 325 sq feet
PSF lease price: $15.38

This list in 80 Robinson Road really says that the direction is searching to get FinTech connected company to take their office spaces, so it will definitely be a fantastic fit.

The office comes equipped with a split space, pantry, and personal call booths which you are welcome to use.

#2: This device in The Octagon

District: D01
Size: 110 sq feet
PSF lease price: $10.91

Just farther down the road from 80 Robinson Road is Your Octagon, and in this construction, you can actually lease a small-sized office for only $1,200 a month. With this price, you receive a room that matches two individuals; since the lease duration is elastic (beginning from six months), making The Octagon a fantastic alternative for new startups who can not commit to some long-term contract.

#3: This device in The Central

District: D01
Size: 635 sq feet
PSF lease price: $6.54

If you do not need to get holed up in a little area, and you’re trying to find a decently-sized office, think about this 635 sq feet SOHO unit in The Central.

The office area is equipped with a cabinet and cooking appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, hood, etc), and renters access fitness center and jacuzzi facilities too. If you would like to keep some semblance of work-life equilibrium, and keep up with your workout regimen whilst you are working, then that unit will probably be right up your street.

#4: This device in Suntec City

District: D01
Size: 110 sq feet
PSF lease price: $25.45

On the Lookout for an office in the Center of town? Have a look at this serviced office in Suntec City, that can be decked out in dark wood furniture and fine leather couches.

For $2,800, you are going to find an office room which accommodates three, and features a city view. There are loads of additional perks too, for example high-speed wifi using 99.99% uptime, free telephone calls (local and global ), and also a phone line where the secretary will answer calls in your company’s name.

#5: This device in Chevron House

District: D01
Size: 50 sq feet
PSF lease price: $28

It will not have more”CBD” than that — Chevron House is directly connected to Raffles Place MRT. This list is really to get a co-working space in Chevron House, yet this place permits startups to lease private rooms, so it is essentially the exact same thing as getting a serviced office someplace.

$1,400 a month provides you with a comfy area with two workstation settings, and there is a cabinet, lounge, meeting rooms and seminar rooms you might utilize.

Thinking about leasing an office in the CBD? Voice your ideas in our comments section or on our FB community page.

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