HDB demonstrated that the cooperation with Evonik is targeted at researching alternatives to mitigate the consequences of climate change in addition to improve concrete production procedures.

Especially, HDB and Evonik will examine on approaches to decrease heating transmitted in HDB buildings through using the latter’s high-energy insulation , Calostat.

“The silicon-based substance, that can be renewable, non-combustible, hydrophobic (capable to repel water) and stress resistant, was tested and demonstrated to possess good thermal insulation properties, also embraced in progress in Germany, Switzerland and London,” explained HDB.

View Parc Canberra floor plan for more info.

HDB mentioned that the analysis is supposed to commence in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Meanwhile, the cooperation with V-Key will research methods to boost the wise distribution boards inside smart-enabled apartments, which might prove invaluable for smart home appliances without a built-in gateway.

With appliances like motion detectors, smart light and smart drapes installed in an apartment, residents can possess the drapes drawn or lighting switched on automatically whenever they step into an area.

“Households with older members may also decide to conveniently set up an elderly-monitoring system, in which a method of movement sensors in the house can find and”find out” the moves of the older, like the time they generally escape bed or abandon their houses for their actions,” explained HDB.

“When the sensors don’t detect the typical moves, an alert could be sent to their own next-of-kin or caregiver”

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