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A view of Canberra / Sembawang

About Canberra

Canberra is a residential town and a planning area situated in the Northern part of Singapore between Yishun and Sembawang HDB towns. The significant development history of Canberra dates back to about 10 years ago following the opening up of the land for development of housing units by the Singapore government.

Until 2012, the number of landed homes in Canberra was low. In 2012, Canberra saw the launching of several ECs and private condos. By 2013 the number of housing units shot higher following the release of about 2453 in four projects.

According to the government plans, Canberra residents have a reason to smile because a bright future awaits them with several initiatives on the table. Furthermore, most of these big-budget plans are set to improve property value in the region. Let’s look at some of the amenities that residents of Canberra will benefit from.

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  1. Upcoming Canberra MRT station

The plans to develop Canberra MRT Station to serve the residents of Canberra along the North-South MRT Line was unveiled by the government in 2014. Currently, the project is in its final stages and is set to be operational by December 2019. The addition of this MRT station brings about 17,000 households close to the station for quick commutes to and from the CBD.

  1. Bukit Canberra

Bukit Canberra introduces a new concept that combines nature and sports facilities; something not unveiled before in Singapore. The $1.5 billion community and sports hub is set to occupy about 12 hectares. The big spaces will allow the incorporation of a plethora of amenities that will improve the lives of the residents.

Here are some of the things to expect from Bukit Canberra ones it opens for use in 2020:

  • Public outdoor and indoor swimming pools
  • 1,500 sq m ActiveSG gym; the largest in Singapore
  • Indoor sports hall housing 500 seats
  • 3 km running outdoor running trails. The trails are designed on natural terrain and have various difficulty levels
  • Fruit orchard and food forest that features edible crops like roselle plant and cocoa tree
  • Hawker center
  • Community garden
  • Senior care center
  • Polyclinic
  • Preserved Historical building set aside for educational purposes
  1. Sembawang Hot Springs Park

Sembawang Hots Springs park is an ideal destination that any hot spring and onsen enthusiast will like. The park will allow Singaporeans to enjoy a natural spa just next to their home. It will be situated Along Gambas Avenue, off the southwestern corner of Canberra. Once completed, this park will cease from being just another sleeping spot for old folks. The redevelopments will introduce extra features such as a foot bath and a cascading pool, a floral walk, and a café, which makes it the experience that residents get even better.

  1. North-South Corridor

The North-South Corridor is set to give a break to motorists residing in the North part of Singapore who depend on the Central Expressway, CTE, to access the city. The expressway alternatives come in handy at a time when CTE is becoming congested with the development of the region. The 21.5 km route will run above and underground from Woodlands. It will include dedicated bus lanes for provision of bus services making transportation in the area seamless.

  1. Canberra Plaza

Canberra Plaza brings shopping close to the residents of Canberra. The 3-storey plaza will allow the residents to enjoy a plethora of shopping facilities that will suit their needs.

The upcoming developments are set to change things. Homeowners in this area will benefit a lot from the nearby amenities and a potential high capital appreciation.