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Even though there’s not anything new regarding the places (HDB has been found jobs in these regions for the previous couple of decades ), these specific land plots may yield jobs which are superior to other people!

What’s Going to be launched:

Largest attraction: Better sea views compared to other Punggol improvements (such as East Plot)

At first glance, it’s easy to determine which is the greater storyline for its August 2019 BTO jobs in Punggol. Bordering the Punggol Promenade, the East Plot will probably be made in a similar vein into the adjoining Punggol Point Cove (a BTO project established in 2018). If this be true, residents can anticipate inland regions that open up right to the coast, such as communal sky gardens.

Hopefully, HDB will also incorporate space for amenities such as supermarkets, kopitiams and childcare centers, given the massive size of both endeavors.

Overlooking the low-rise way of life and F&B bunch The Coastal Settlement and Punggol Point Park, the West Plot will have piles facing the ocean (technically the Straits of Johor), though these north-facing piles will possess the Pasir Gudang petrochemical complex on the other coast and right in their line of sight.

Not only will east-facing Punggol BTO apartments (from the East Plot) enjoy a much better sea view towards the lush Pulau Ubin and from smokestacks and flaring chimneys, the jobs could be among the last sea-facing Punggol BTO projects across the coast! This is due to the fact that the authorities will probably earmark the majority of the rest — and more desired — residential-zoned plots across the Coney Island station for private improvements (believe Keppel Bay but at the North-east).

Both Punggol BTO jobs in August 2019 are also within walking distance of this near future Punggol Coast MRT Station, which will available in 2023 within their North East Line (NEL) expansion. A direct MRT connection to the CBD in roughly 45 minutes will surely appeal to many.

That’s definitely be on the heads of several newlywed applicants of the BTO.

Another HDB BTO launching, yet another job from Tampines North. At least this one does not confront the expressway or even a significant street unlike the May 2018 Tampines Greenvines BTO.

In reality, seem closer and this might be the choice of the crop among BTO launches in the region. This undertaking will be located between the Tampines Retail Park — home to the oversize trio of Giant Hypermart, Courts Megastore and IKEA Tampines — and also the future Tampines North MRT (regrettably still 10 years to conclusion ).

Going from the fluctuations in the retail landscape nevertheless, the benefits of this place will vanish when a better Redmart choice gets you all you want by the time you proceed. The IKEA shop and its economical hot dogs may continue to be applicable, though.

The MOE has also declared a primary school to be constructed in Tampines North, which will cater to the high number of new residents in the region in a couple of decades’ time.